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Apple Fitness+ launches today  Thumbnail

Apple Fitness+ launches today

Apple’s subscription fitness app, Fitness+, launches on Monday. It offers a nice variety of workouts that people will like. You need an Apple Watch to take the pre-recorded exercise classes, which are available on iPhones, iPads and the Apple TV.

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Warner Bros. will release every 2021 movie on HBO Max  Thumbnail

Warner Bros. will release every 2021 movie on HBO Max

AT&T’s Warner Bros. announced Thursday that all of its films scheduled to launch in 2021 will be released on HBO Max at the same time they are available in theaters. It’s currently a one-year plan. It’s an example of how AT&T is adapting to the coronavirus pandemic, allowing people to safely watch new films at home without having to venture out to a movie theater, many of which have been closed because of the increasing spread of Covid. It’s also a move that Warner Bros. already made with “Wonder Woman 1984,” which will be released to theaters and HBO Max on Christmas Day. That movie was originally scheduled to come out in the summer, but was delayed several times before WarnerMedia decided to release it on HBO Max.

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Amazon's Echo Buds can track workouts  Thumbnail

Amazon's Echo Buds can track workouts

Amazon said the Echo Buds can track the duration of a workout, the steps you take, estimated calories burned and how fast or how far you walk or run. The feature is rolling out over the next couple of days, according to the company. CNBC hasn’t yet tested the feature but Amazon’s Halo wearable seems to be the company’s more serious approach to health monitoring. Amazon said steps are measured using an accelerometer in the Echo Buds. It also takes into account a user’s height entered into the workout profile.

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Gaming consoles set to earn an estimated $45 billion this year Thumbnail

Gaming consoles set to earn an estimated $45 billion this year

Today, the way more than 700 million people play video games is on a dedicated console, with the console industry on track to generate $45 billion in revenue this year, according to market research firm Newzoo. And the way companies in the sector make money has changed rapidly over the years.

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