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Ford and Google partner for in-car connectivity

Ford and Google are entering a six-year deal that will make the tech giant responsible for much of the automaker’s growing in-vehicle connectivity. Google will also provide cloud computing and other technology services. The partnership announced Monday is designed to streamline Ford’s operations and accelerate an ongoing $11 billion restructuring plan. It marks a major shift for the automaker, which has spent hundreds of millions of dollars annually in recent years to develop and maintain such systems.

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Amazon is adding 4 jets to join Amazon Air fleet

The expansion comes as Amazon continues to push for faster delivery amid a pandemic-fueled surge in online orders. Stuck-at-home shoppers have turned to the service for both essential and nonessential goods, while the holiday shopping season generated further demand for speedy delivery. The four WestJet planes are being converted to cargo jets and will join the Amazon Air fleet this year, while the seven Delta planes will be added in 2022 after their conversion, Amazon said.

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The Hot New Covid Tech Is Wearable and Constantly Tracks You

The powerful new surveillance systems, wearable devices that continuously monitor users, are the latest high-tech gadgets to emerge in the battle to hinder the coronavirus. Some sports leagues, factories and nursing homes have already deployed them. Resorts are rushing to adopt them. A few schools are preparing to try them. And the conference industry is eyeing them as a potential tool to help reopen convention centers.

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