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Amazon is adding 4 jets to join Amazon Air fleet

The expansion comes as Amazon continues to push for faster delivery amid a pandemic-fueled surge in online orders. Stuck-at-home shoppers have turned to the service for both essential and nonessential goods, while the holiday shopping season generated further demand for speedy delivery. The four WestJet planes are being converted to cargo jets and will join the Amazon Air fleet this year, while the seven Delta planes will be added in 2022 after their conversion, Amazon said.

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Apple app store sees strong growth in 2020

Apple’s App Store grossed more than $64 billion in 2020, according to an analysis by CNBC. That’s up from an estimated $50 billion in 2019 and $48.5 billion in 2018, according to the same analysis, suggesting that App Store sales growth accelerated strongly during the Covid-19 pandemic, as people sheltered at home and spent more time and money on apps and games.

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McDonald's expanding their chicken offerings

McDonald’s will launch three chicken sandwiches in February as it tries to reach new customers with more poultry on its menu. Starting Feb. 24, consumers will be able to buy the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich and the Deluxe Chicken Sandwich.

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Wonder Woman 1984 first movie to be released in theaters and HBO Max simultaneously

This past weekend provided the first real test for how blockbuster movies perform on streaming services when they’re released in movie theaters at the same time. AT&T’s WarnerMedia premiered “Wonder Woman 1984” on Christmas Day, the first movie in its experiment to release its films simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. The result? “Wonder Woman 1984″ set a pandemic theatrical release record with $16.7 million in box office sales in the U.S. and Canada.

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5G vending machines could be the next big thing

Currently the majority of connected vending machines are running on 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections. ViaTouch’s CEO Tom Murn looks forward to 5G’s increased capacity, pointing out that increased network capacity at lower costs for current wireless protocols is what made VICKI a viable platform in the first place.

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